Heritage Builders, LLC


Design/Build Remodeling

Let us first start by saying thank you for your interest in Heritage Builders. We established the company in 2004 and we now have a reputation as a leading design/build remodeler, contractor, and renovation company in the Memphis area.

We take great pride in not only the quality of our remodeling work and the integrity of our team but also in the quality of our clients’ remodeling experience.

We are a design/build remodeling contractor offering our clients more control during the project along with timely design changes throughout construction. As our client, you’ll have the comfort of knowing that every decision made by your contractor is made with design intent and structural integrity first and foremost.

 With an education and history in Architectural design, along with years of hands on construction experience, we have the unique ability to help our remodeling clients through tough decisions – from complicated structural concerns to blending a projects’ design seamlessly into the original look and feel of their home.

Many home owners get frustrated with the remodeling process of finding a designer, having plans drawn, then figuring out a budget, and after that, finding a contractor who can meet their budget. With Heritage Builders we eliminate that frustration because we have the ability to establish a budget and plan all in one process. Since we are also the remodeling contractor, you have added assurance that the budget and plan are correct.

We have compiled an honest and talented team of associates, sub-contractors and vendors who take your remodeling experience as seriously as I do. They know that our livelihood and reputation depends on your overall experience, and ultimately, the quality of your finished product.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your remodeling project with you. Feel free to contact us at (901)-737-6220 or email us