Heritage Builders, LLC

Frequently Asked Questions

Heritage Builders FAQs: Your Comprehensive Guide to Common Queries

Heritage Builders,LLC is a Design/Build home remodeling and renovation company focused on bringing new life to existing homes.

Architectural Design, Room Additions, Whole Home Remodeling, Renovations, Kitchen Remodeling, Bathroom Remodeling, Covered Porches, Screened Porches, and outdoor living spaces.

We are located in Germantown, Tn. but we also do work in Memphis, Collierville, Bartlett, Eads, Arlington, Piperton, Rossville, and Lakeland.

Our process starts with a complimentary in-home consultation and valuation study to determine the scope of work and budget for the project. We then move to the design and development phase which is where the fun begins as we start designs, selections, and planning for the project. Then once the design and development phase is complete we are ready to start production for your new project.

After 20 years in business, we have learned and developed a process to take projects from sales to construction promptly while keeping our clients engaged and informed. This process minimizes costly change orders and the amount of time spent under construction, which is the biggest concern clients have when they come to us.

Yes, we handle Architectural designs and the contracting for projects which minimizes the confusion, time, and costly changes found in the traditional approach of a separate Architect and Contractor.

Kitchen Remodels, Bathroom Remodels, Home Additions, Whole Home Remodels, Covered Porches, and Screened Porches.

After 20 years in business, we have learned from our clients and developed a process for taking projects from the first meeting to construction all while keeping our clients engaged and informed along the way.

The WOW experience starts with our great team of eager and informed staff who walk our client through our, top-in-class development process which is the foundation of a great project. Communication is the cornerstone that takes a good relationship to a GREAT one!

Simply click on the Schedule a Consultation button found on our website and fill out the brief contact form and we will contact you or simply Call our office at 901-737-6220.

Yes work with every code enforcement office and understand all local codes and regulations.

That is a difficult question to answer because every project is different. What I can tell you is that by following our design/build development process we are able to minimize the time spent under construction.

We take pride in our design/build process where we thoroughly go threw a project with our clients, asking questions and offering suggestions to minimize design & scope changes that can occur after construction starts. That being said when they occur we have a clear process of reviewing the changes and the cost for such with our clients before those changes take place to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Yes, we can work with any reasonable budget, but we make sure during the first consultation and valuation study that we start with a reasonable budget before going any further.

You can start by going to the “Our Work” tab on our website to see past projects. If you do not find a project similar to what you are looking for please contact us because we have photos of far more projects than just those shown on the website